Dynamic solutions for your dealership's Credit Denials


How the System Works:

1. Submit Denials

Dealership employee enters basic customer contact information into the Alliant Approval Engine. The denial can be manually entered into your free account or faxed securely to (804) 767-1839.

2. Partnerships

Since 2007, we have been signing exclusive partnerships with the most professional and well-respected national credit repair companies.

Through the system, your customer is then paired with the most appropriate company who is best qualified to fix their specific profile.  

This assures that you will get your customer back into your dealership in the fastest time period - with improved credit!

3. Track and Trace

Each step of your customer's progress is tracked and evaluated. 

The Alliant Approval System notifies F&I and Sales in real-time giving the "green light" to re-submit for approval. The customer is only contacted by your dealership - allowing your management team to stay in control. 

Reports are provided to you on the first of the month - allowing you to forecast the number of deliveries which your dealership should get for using the system. 

The system will return 10-20% of your denied credit applicants - in approximately 90 days after submission. This is reality - the system has been proven and is ready to implement in your dealership today.

                           Why are you waiting? 

*** If you and your management team can have FREE ACCESS to a system that:

* Lets you know the exact count of your denied applicants,

* Shows you where they are in the credit improvement process,

* Tells you when they will be in to take delivery of their new vehicle.

Wouldn't you call right now to get additional information?

4. Production

Since 2007 - the Alliant System has been proven in automotive dealerships. This system will return a strong percentage of your denials back to your dealership with improved credit - ready to take delivery of a car!

5. Compliance

Stay compliant with Regulation B and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Every Alliant Manager is required to be certified through AFIP - the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals

Alliant Dealer Services also offers expert instructors to proctor AFIP testing for your Sales and F&I Managers.

6. Customers for Life

Offering denied applicants a choice where they previously had none, gives them a unique and different experience from what they've endured at every other dealership.

Explaining that you care about and desire to help them - when every other dealership just declined them - creates loyal "raving fans" for your dealership.

Treating the customers with respect and dignity will turn them - and all of their referrals into Customers for Life.

If you are not using the system - you are leaving money on the table and losing deals PERIOD.

Call for more information: 

Robert W Linkonis Sr. 

(804) 370-7075



31 N. Providence Road
North Chesterfield, VA 23235

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